Free Tutorials


Learn Japanese through lessons online.

Whether you plan to travel to Japan or simply have an interest in learning the Japanese language “Japanese tutorials online” provides you with clear explanations of fundamental through to advanced structures and grammatical concepts of the Japanese language.

Rather than just laboriously reading printed materials you can learn the Japanese Language through video clips designed and presented by a fully qualified and experienced teacher who has been teaching Japanese in schools, university and Tafe colleges in Australia for 29 years.
This provides an opportunity for those students who prefer to learn visually and aurally. To view the tutorials all you need is a Japanese Tutorials online membership and a Google+ account. If you don't have a google+ account click here.

This website not only offers learners of Japanese a chance to review what they have learned in Japanese classes but also provides teachers of Japanese ideas and materials to support their teaching.

Students can watch the tutorials whenever they choose and review the clips multiple times at no extra cost. As a member all videos are available to you 24/7.

 “Japanese Tutorials” provides members with access to the teacher through email and the opportunity to skype for management of your progress.

The benefits for teachers of Japanese:

Ready made animated visuals with audio explanations for many commonly used grammar points and for the introduction of vocabulary.
:  Start your class with a tutorial to teach / revise a grammar point.
:  Use the visuals and add your own teaching voice
:  Send the students to follow a lesson then they can present what they have learnt to the rest of the class.
:  Direct the casual teacher to the clip and download the worksheet for anytime you are going to be absent from class.
:  Provide access to computers for private study to allow students to prepare compositions and speeches.

Each tutorial is:

:  Each clip is around 10 minutes, easy for repetition and revision.
:  Each new word and concept is thoroughly explained and repeated.
:  See how verbs change visually to understand conjugation.
:  Video clips and images to assist comprehension.

Benefits of Membership:

:  Access to all tutorials appropriate to level of enrolment .
:  Access to downloadable worksheets / reference documentation.
:  Access to the tutor for answers via the contact us page.
:  Opportunity to request the creation of specific lessons.